A Covenant Environment and Life Sustainable Environments And Life (SEAL)
A time line representing a short self recorded history for man progress to a point with some drawn glow on that path observed as additive signaling sets in our local PEARL Container over some period of years. Many recorded conversations among the angels and people of the +R as recorded, suggest an observation. The environment of the planet evolved men and flock without a mechanical shine, shown as energies and signaling along the time line. A talk with god in the garden, and other gods among us, suggest men have choices to make about our future for our children, and to protect their long term evolutionary rights. Observing the road which evolved men and flock as hundreds of million of years long; and asked what road would lead us to Archa seen in the distance, the observation is of that already proven natural road which we have lived as man and flock to this day. To say that such a question shines for humanity, shown the glow of artificial deviation, demonstrates the importance of the covenant described. That we manage responsibly back to that longer road, perhaps walking hundreds of million of years to our future, and for our children and the children of our flocks. If we are true to those evolutionary conditions which granted us life, then men and flock will walk the longest road.
On gardens, perhaps in other places in the evening sky, like our own as earth, the gods in the heavens might among them might also suggest to a people who are becoming intelligent those choices they might be faced with for preservation of Environment and Life among their creator. Those things required one before the other, Point, Environment and Life, together reflect light for the gods to see our actions. The earth is biologically alive for hundreds of millions of years and more; for gods who might live very long periods of time, and walk our garden, this is service an purpose.
An Angle for Angels, describes EL.

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